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Marriage, Family, children, and Addiction Counseling

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Divorce counseling

Starting again? Struggling to co-parent? Our therapists help you manage feelings, cope with changes, and improve co-parenting.

Grief Counseling

Lost a loved one or pet? Recent breakup? Our counselors support you in processing feelings and adjusting to changes.


Lost your joy? Feeling hopeless? Our counselors help with depression by teaching new ways of thinking and changing habits.

Additional Services

Stuck? Need to talk? Our counselors help with ADHD, anxiety, and more by teaching effective coping strategies and skills.


Welcome to Trinity Care of Ohio - Therapy can be an amazing experience that leads to strengthened relationships and personal growth. We offer guidance to individuals, couples, families, and children dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well- being.

At Trinity Care of Ohio we strive to provide quality mental health care that values all aspects of someone’s identity. As a company, we factor diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) into every decision that we make. Patient care is our number one priority. We provide comprehensive care in an environment that celebrates what makes each of us unique. We aim to nurture transformation and personal development in ways that are effective, safe, and judgment- free.

Although challenging, it can be rewarding to take the first step toward making change.  At Trinity Care of Ohio, we are here to facilitate the process of helping you transition from where you are to where you want to be.
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COMING SOON - Our counselors will share insightful video blogs addressing mental health and depression issues, offering a chance to get acquainted with our team.

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Sylvania Office Manager
Kate Ingersoll-Meszaros
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"Kate is the Office Manager at the Sylvania Location. Her direct line is 419-377-8417. Kate is happy to answer any questions you may have about becoming a new client at Trinity Care of Ohio and the Sylvania office."
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Perrysburg admin assistant
Kathy drzewiecki
"Kathy is the Admin Assistant at the Perrysburg location. Kathy is happy to assist you with any questions regarding Trinity Care of Ohio and the Perrysburg office."
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