Michael, an Ohio native, graduated from the University of Toledo with his Bachelor of Art in Psychology 2017. He finished his masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Toledo in December 2019. 

Michael’s experience includes Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), working with clients with PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety disorders. He uses a variety of treatment modalities including DBT, CBT, motivational interviewing and narrative therapy. 

"I believe that no matter your current station in life that each person can improve on where ever they are at. As a therapist I like to meet people where they are at and help them to build tangible goals and subsequent structures to succeed in whatever they hope to achieve."

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Trinity Care of Ohio, LLC

 Individual, Family, Couples, and Addiction Therapy

Michael Sell, LPCC
License #E.2303451

​Work Supervisor:  Nannette Fader, MS, IMFT, LICDC