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Trinity Care of Ohio, LLC

Individual, Family, Couples, and Addiction Therapy

Trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Chris helps couples and families who are experiencing distress. The distress may stem from a variety of sources including family-related conflicts, marital stress and infidelity, divorce, parenting experiences associated with children who have disabilities, trauma, and toxic work environments and employment termination. As an LGBTQ+ ally, Chris is keenly focused on creating an open, welcoming, warm, non-judgmental environment for all individuals to come and be who they are. 

Prior to his career in marriage and family therapy, Chris was a longtime journalist. His background makes him a natural fit for narrative therapy work as he helps couples and families navigate the aftermath when sensitive information is exposed. 

“I work in partnership with my clients, empowering them to tackle challenges by tapping into their strengths. By utilizing their own innate abilities to overcome obstacles and helping them to deepen their emotional connections, my clients can achieve the changes they want.”

Chris Cantergiani, MFT-T
License #: M.2300331